We are a family of 5 from Vancouver, BC, Canada. In 2009 we made the decision to travel around the world for 77 days with our 3 young children. In the years since, we have made smaller trips and try to go somewhere each year that none of us has been before.

UN country count: 43

UNESCO World Heritage Sites: 67

It is hard to place a value on how many places one has been. You can count countries, but it is hard to say you've been to Russia for example if you're like me and only visited Saint Petersburg. The website www.mosttravelledpeople.com has divided the world up into much smaller areas which gives a much better idea of where someone has been. They have almost 900 countries, islands and territories defined. You can read more here. I recommend if you've traveled at all to sign up and enter your information, the site will give you a summary of your travels and a map showing where you've been. Based on the Most Traveled People list, I have visited 127 places and have 764 remaining. The green on the maps below show the places I have been to.